Feature show pictures in simulink

Quite new to diffplug but I realized the viewer does not support to show pictures that is embedded in simulink. Is this something that will change in future releases?

In Simulink, custom block masks are drawn by executing an M-language script. These scripts can be slow to execute, and they have no effect on the data in the model, only on its cosmetic appearance.

DiffPlug is optimized entirely for presenting and comparing all data in the model, but it does not commit to perfect visual fidelity. When there is a tradeoff between speed and cosmetic appearance, we intentionally choose speed.

That said, we do support a fast, limited subset of M-language. The exact subset which we support is documented here. That link also documents our “Custom mask” feature which lets you make DiffPlug-only masks, so that if you have important in-house library blocks with complex masks, you can make them look better in DiffPlug if you want.

In DiffPlug 1.x, we supported images in block masks in these formats:

image(get_param(gcb, 'userdata'))

This functionality hasn’t made it into DiffPlug 2 yet, but it would be easy for us to bump it up the priority list if it is important to you. If you have specific blocks with important masks, and can provide a sample model either here or at support@diffplug.com, we can provide guidance on how best to use the Custom Masks feature, or there might be a small tweak we can make to our .m subset to support important parts of your masks.

Hi thanks I will send you an example model and try to explain around what I am after

Thanks again!

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Improved mask display in 2.3.1, especially better documentation of the m subset which we support.