Bug Report - Version 1.6.2 for Mac


Mac applications are a little bit different than Windows. In Windows if you hit the x button at the top, the program usually terminates. In Mac you have to quit the program (Command-Q), but instead if you hit the x button at the top but don’t quit the program you can usually still launch a new window of the application (using File -> Open for example). This behavior doesn’t work properly in DiffPlug for Mac. Not a big deal, but just thought I’d let you know. Steps to recreate are below:

  1. Launch diffplug
  2. File->Open file
  3. Browse to and open a file
  4. Close the window (red x)
  5. File->Open file
  6. Chooser should popup just like in step 3 but doesn’t. Must relaunch DiffPlug in order to open another file.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention Todd! We’ll have this fixed for 1.7.0.