Compare to svn-base


I’m interested in comparing a Simulink model to the svn-base, but I’m in Linux sans TortoiseSVN. Any suggestions for a good way to do this?

I’ve added *.svn-base to the known extensions as a Simulink file, but I still get an error when I try to compare a pristine svn-base to an mdl. Also, before I added it to the known extensions it would open as text and now attempting to open an svn-base results in an error (Unknown extension: svn-base).

I’ve tried the comparison to svn-base with the GUI but I’d like to also get it working with the command line. The dp tool still doesn’t seem to recognize svn-base as Simulink because when it lists available commands, Extra,Diff as simulink isn’t on the list (as it is with two files with mdl extensions).


dp .svn/pristine/fd/fd9e3d87a9013b2aa5263e522f2e29884951c86a.svn-base controller.mdl --"Extra,Diff as simulink"
Error: Menu for 'Extra,Diff as simulink' does not exist.
Available commands:
	Add to DiffList
	Just Start
	Just Query
	Extra,Add to DiffList
	Extra,Diff as text
	Extra,Diff custom
	Extra,Open each as simulink
	Extra,Open each custom


Does your “Known Extensions” look like this?

Once it does, you should be able to use just dp <left> <right> --open


That helped. Now, I can run the command from the command line and it opens DiffPlug. Unfortuneately, it still doesn’t like the extension.

Originally, I just had “*.svn-base”. With that setting, the DiffPlug GUI would allow me to try to compare an svn-base to an mdl but the command line didn’t.

With the setting as suggested, the command line opens a DiffPlug windows that still gives me an unknown extension error.


We’ve fixed this issue, some issues related to SVN logins, and a bunch of other stuff in our upcoming release. Below are the linux installers and release notes for 1.8.10.RC6.

EDIT: 1.8.10 is now released.

Let us know if this addresses your issues!