DiffPlug 1.87 problems: signal tracing, example zip file

I’m just starting to try out DiffPlug 1.8.7 running on Ubuntu 14.04. Two problems I’ve run into so far:

First, the example zip file link in the docs is broken – http://docs.diffplug.com/1.2.0/DiffPlug_Demo_1.2.0.zip doesn’t go anywhere.

Second, on an in-house model, signal tracing only works the first time I invoke it. After that, any attempt to start a new trace doesn’t generate new information. Additionally, clicking on any line in the initial trace seems to truncate it.


Thanks for finding these issues Jeremy! We have fixed the demo zip.

Regarding the signal tracing, the problem is limited to feedback loops. At this time, DiffPlug cannot trace a feedback loop. Once the tracer has found a feedback loop, the model will have to be closed and reopened again before tracing can resume. So long as you do not trace a feedback loop, tracing can continue and restart as much as you’d like. This issue will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks, Ned.

Is there an ETA on the next release?

Since the signal tracing feedback issue has a relatively easy workaround, (don’t trace feedback), we don’t plan to ship a bugfix release for just this single issue.

Our next release will be DiffPlug 2.0, and it’s the biggest improvement to DiffPlug ever, by a long shot. We’re desperate to ship it out the door and get back on a regular release cadence, but because 2.0 is such a big change it’s hard for us to predict when we’ll be back on that schedule.

TL;DR we don’t have an ETA.

We have released improvements to signal tracing in 1.8.8, available now.