Feature request - compare files in Code Collaborator Diff file

We are using code collaborator to review code changes. I there a possiblity to diff the changes with in the attached .collabdiff file - which is a zip file.
I was able to unzip the file and compare the to included file revisions manully, but I would be great to just open the .collabdiff file then have the compare result(s) directly.

PS: unfortunately I’m not able to attached the .collabdiff file…

Thanks for this feature request Sebastian. We did a little digging, but we couldn’t find a public spec for these files.

Can you provide an example file with nonsense data? Any nonsense data would work, but maybe our example zip file has some useful bits. You can email to support@diffplug.com if you are not comfortable providing the file in this public forum.

Thanks very much for the example files you provided separately. We have added preliminary support for the .collabdiff format in 2.0.4. However, there are a few stability improvements that didn’t make it into the 2.0.4 release, you grab them in 2.0.4.FIX1.