Feature request — figure files support

Hi! I’ve been using your software to briefly evaluate mat files prior to loading them into Matlab and I found it nice and handful. I’ve been also using a plugin for total commander called 5mat and viewing contents of structure variables was not convinient at all compared to DiffPlug.

Recently I viewed a fig file with 5mat and I saw that it is a Matlab-type structure as well (see figure) and I thought I could use DiffPlug to rapidly copy-paste the contents of the figures, primarily the data being plotted.

Sadly, DiffPlug refused to open fig files. It also didn’t open a file renamed from *.fig to *.mat, though Matlab itself can open that. So I wonder if this could be implemented.

Fig file via DiffPlug

Fig-to-mat renamed file via DiffPlug

Thanks for this feature request! Our mat-file parser is open source, and we have created an issue to add support for parsing .fig files.

For now, we are focused on our commercial features around Simulink comparison. If you or anyone else implements that issue, it will be included in the next version of DiffPlug.

Implementing this feature is not currently a priority at DiffPlug, but you or your company can sponsor its development by sending an email to sales@diffplug.com if it is a priority for you.