.lockfile error + local vs global install tips please?

Dear Ned,

I’ve recently purchased a license and I find myself struggling to set up a global installation availalbe to all users on a given machine. Could you please give me some tips?

I can run DiffPlug myself, but other users cannot. The other users get this error:

[test123.user@smaug2 ~]$ dp ext -before Control_Variables2_old.slx -after Control_Variables2_master.slx 
No lockfile found at /home/test123.user/.diffplug/.lock
Install beacon /home/test123.user/.diffplug/installBeacon indicates installation at /usr/local/DiffPlug/2.5.0
Launching /usr/local/DiffPlug/2.5.0/DiffPlug
Fatal: /home/test123.user/.diffplug/.lock

The error log file is quite large, with information on the various libraries in the path and similar.I can e-mail it if requested (to avoid copy/pasting it here due to large size)

In any case, I am not happy about my setup b/c I cannot run DiffPlug without the “installBeacon” file in /home/username/.diffplug/ which I have to create manually. My set up is as follows:

  • OS is CentOS 7

  • downloaded DiffPlug_linux_x64_2.5.0.tgz and extracted its contents into /usr/local/DiffPlug/2.5.0

  • set up a soft link /usr/bin/dp -> /usr/local/DiffPlug/2.5.0/dp

  • created directory /home/username/.diffplug and placed a file installBeacon in there with the following content:

  • The license is activated for this machine (called smaug2). Nobody else is using DiffPlug at the same time during the tests.

    Many thanks in advance!


DiffPlug 1.x supported global installation out-of-the-box, but DiffPlug 2.x does not right now.

There is an easy and undocumented workaround, which I will send to you over e-mail. Global installation created a lot of support work for us, and the most of our installs were single-user, so we have not prioritized global installation. It will come back at a some point.