Requirements not met - Installer 1.6.1

Trying to install with 1.6.1 Windows 7 x64. It tells me that requirements are not met, looks like 'tasklist /fi "pid eq -1"' exited with 1

Tried running as administrator, but still getting that error.

Thanks for reporting this Glen! This is probably caused by a stale lockfile left behind by a (much) older version of DiffPlug. It’s easy to fix!

  1. Make sure you don’t have an old version of DiffPlug that’s currently running. By default, when DiffPlug closes, it closes to the taskbar, so make sure you check there.
  2. Delete this file: C:\Users\<your username>\.diffplug\.lock

Install should now proceed normally.

Hey, look at that, it works!

Thanks much.