What's new in v1.8.10

New in this release:

  • Added a new mode for the Simulink report generator - XML_WITH_IMAGES
    • If the output file is output.xml, there will now be a folder output.xml_images which contains a series of 1:1 scale png images.
    • Each changed block will have xml attributes left_img and right_img, which will point to the filename of an image which highlights that particular change.
    • Each diagram which contains changes will have xml attributes left_diagram_img and right_diagram_img, which will point to the filename of an image which contains all the changes of that particular subsystem.
    • Normally, the XML report format only contains xml elements for items which have been changed or added. In XML_WITH_IMAGES mode, a subsystem which is itself identical, but contains changed children, will appear in the XML document as a nested element, and will have left_diagram_img and right_diagram_img properties.
  • Simulink subsystems and subcharts can now be opened in a new tab.
  • When moving up a subsystem, the previously displayed subsystem is now highlighted briefly.
  • Added the license-user=LICENSEFILE flag to the installer for advanced batch installation.

Fixed in this release:

  • DiffPlug had problems displaying systems containing blocks whose names started with the # character.
    • This did not affect logical diffing, but it did affect graphical display.
  • Fixed an issue where Simulink files could not be opened if they didn’t have an .slx or .mdl extension.
  • Fixed various Subversion issues.
  • Fixed a segfault that some Ubuntu users were experiencing due to a recent kernel patch.

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