What's new in v1.8.7

New in this release:

  • Compatibility testing for R2016b
  • Improvements to the git history view (branches are less-tangled, and supports smoother scrolling).
  • Improvements to the Simulink signal tracing view (branches are less-tangled, and supports smoother scrolling).

Fixed in this release:

  • “Track in MATLAB” now works for models in Git and SVN history.
  • Simulink viewer now shows correct colors.
  • Typing in the Simulink differ config could cause color scheme to flicker, this is now fixed.
  • Deeper bugfix for windows path shortening (e.g. C:\LongPa~1\somefile.slx) when linking Simulink models in MATLAB.
  • Fixed Mac auto-update.


Coming up next Our release cadence has slowed down significantly because we’ve been working on a large infrastructure refresh. It’s now complete, and future releases will be on a much faster schedule, at least one per month. The new infrastructure hasn’t shown up in the user experience yet, but we’re really excited about the upcoming 2.0!